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We, my wife Margo and I, Willem, we saw our first Rhodesian Ridgeback in the fall of 2017, taking a rest at Bospaviljoen 't Leesten in Ughelen, while walking a long distance trail. I was in love instantly. Couple of weeks later, after looking in to the breed, we visited a coursing organized by de Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Nederland in Lelystad, close to our home town of Almere. There we met the breeder of our first Ridgeback, Liesbeth. We clicked immediately. First of January, 2018, we picked him up in Zeewolde. We named him Nakoa, which means brave one in Hawaiian . We choose a name in the Hawaiian language because of his fathers name was Hawaï and his mothers Contiki and his grandfather Pupuakearidge Ikaika O Springvalley was from Hawaï.

Since than we got two more Ridgebacks, Tippi a bitch born in Budapest and Kiwi, who is Nakoa's daughter born in Zeewolde.

I became so interested in the Rhodesian Ridgebacks breed, that I decided to learn everything about them, and dogs in general. I went thru courses like Fokken en Houden van Honden, VKK {partly}, both designed by the Raad Van Beheer/ Dutch Kennel Club and many, many seminars, organized by enthusiasts and professors. At that time I also got interested in genetics, which was part of those courses. With the genetics came the interest in genetic diversity especially in the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed, and the interest in diseases within the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed.

So actually I became interested in, 'the' as healthy as possible Rhodesian Ridgeback. With that came the interest for dogfood. We feed our dogs BARF, Biologically Appropriated Raw Food.

Our mission and vision...

Our mission is, that we want to breed differently. That means for us to breed puppies with a lower chance of getting a condition.

So we do not necessarily decide for breeding partners for our dogs who are the most awarded champions but rather for those dogs who are genetically adjuvant to our dogs. In other words, our vision is, that we try to breed for more genetic diversity in our puppies than that available in the parents. Because of that we hope there will be a lower chance of recessive genes meeting each other and causing a disease and improve this breed for genetic diversity.

Nakoa, 4-11-2017 ♂︎

Tippi, 15-09-2020 ♁

Kiwi, 18-05-2022 ♁, daughter of Nakoa.

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